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Rayburn Cookers

The timeless appeal of a Rayburn range cooker is epitomised by its stunning appearance, classic styling and high cooking efficiency.   Smooth lines and attractive colours have created a classic design that blends perfectly with any style kitchen, from the most traditional to the ultra modern. The Rayburn range has a wide choice of sizes and design options. A Rayburn is not only a cooker; it is extremely versatile; it can provide all the household hot water and central heating that a home could need. We also carry out reconditioning work using brand new or fully serviced parts.

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355SFW, 345W and 216Sfw are designed to run radiators

Advantages of Central Heating Radiators provide you with : *EFFECTIVE:* Warm water central heating systems heat your whole house! *EFFICIENT:* Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air making warm water central... Find Out More


Cooker The Cooker 200 SFW is small but perfectly formed. It offers all the power you'd expect from a Rayburn, in a compact and efficient package and is ideally... Find Out More

Rayburn 212Sfw

This is an Install in Whanganui They have done a beautiful job of making it a feature in the room as apposed to having it in a kitchen scenario  Find Out More

Rayburn 212sfw

Another wonderful cooker and hot water cylinder heater in use in the Malborough Sounds. This replaced a old coal range and,like many of our customers, this house is off the... Find Out More

Rayburn 216 SFW

Need a cooker to provide background warmth to the room, heat the hot water cylinder, supply hot water to 2 radiators and cook delectable moist food? This is the one! *Model Rayburn:* Heatranger... Find Out More


Need a cooker to provide back ground warmth to the room? Heat the hot water cylinder? Cook delectable moist food? Provide Central Heating? This is the one! *Model:* Rayburn Heatranger 355SFW... Find Out More
Everhot Storage range cookers are great for someone looking for something stunning in their kitchen, there are over 80 different combinations to choose from.