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EVERHOT COOKERS:           Electric Storage Range Cookers

Everhot 100

The EVERHOT 100 has all the traditional style of a classic range cooker; its four cast iron doors provide a beautifully balanced appliance which forms the centrepiece of any kitchen. Behind... Find Out More

Everhot 120i

The EVERHOT 120i has three independently controllable ovens, two cast iron plates and a three zone induction hob, all running from 13A supplies and offering the height of technology whilst... Find Out More

Everhot 150

 The *Everhot 150* has four large ovens and a wealth of cast iron hotplate capacity, as well as two grills, integral controls and a useful resting plate positioned between the... Find Out More


Offering the height of technology and classic design, the *Everhot 150i* has three independently controlled ovens (roasting, baking and slow cooking), an additional plate warming oven, cast iron hot and... Find Out More

Everhot 60

Our first model, and immediately successful when it was launched over 35 years ago, the Everhot 60 has an enduring and broad appeal which is especially popular for homes where... Find Out More

Everhot 90 series

Everhot 90 series The EVERHOT 90 plus and 90i are perfect for people who want a bigger presence in their kitchen than that of our most compact model. It is available in... Find Out More

Everhot Colours

Classic cookers Everhot Colours Find Out More

Everhot EVH 110i & 110+

The Everhot 110 Plus offers the classic configuration of boil and simmer plates under separate lids; both of which are independently controllable. In addition, this cooker has three ovens; ideal... Find Out More

Herald NZ Model 14 Central Heating

This enormous stove generates a heat output of between 3.7 - 5.3kW to the room and 8.7 kW to the wetback. With its large fuel bed (for wood or solid... Find Out More

Herald NZ Model 8 Dry

The solid good looks of the Herald 8 along with its mid-sizing offers a versatile unit as a dry unit. It has a max output of 11kw or you can... Find Out More

Herald NZ Model 80B

Designed to heat your home throughout. We set our designers a challenge: create a new stove that can power a family home, and run 15 radiators. As you can see,... Find Out More

Herald NZ Model Bespoke build Double double 14

Choose from the Herald 8 or 14. Then make it yours by specifying the depth, doors and features. Double depth gives you a large fuel bed and even better heat... Find Out More

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Everhot Storage range cookers are great for someone looking for something stunning in their kitchen, there are over 80 different combinations to choose from.